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If you are interested in exhibiting publications and MSc. Programs at this conference, find the relevant information below.


Venue: Main Building, Ground Floor and First Floor, University of Piraeus, Karaoli & Dimitriou 80, 18534, Piraeus, Greece. Registration for the conference delegates begins at 09:00 on Thursday. The conference ends on Saturday after lunch, followed by the Official Dinner later in the evening.

Start: 09:00, Thursday July 2nd 2020

End: 14.30, Saturday July 4th 2020

Attendance: 200 delegates expected


Area: Ground floor of the Main Building; Coffee and refreshments will be available in the coffee shop on the ground floor. Lunch will be served in the 014 Room on the ground floor.

Access: From 08:00 on Thursday July 2nd 2020, or by agreement

Facilities: 1 table and 2 chairs will be provided by the organizers for each exhibitor.

Parking: The University has underground parking facilities below the conference venue


Charge: There is a flat-rate fee of €200 for each exhibitor, which covers the provision of 1 table/2 chairs and lunch, tea and coffee for up to two representatives.

Flyers: There is a fee of €60 for each flyer to be inserted in the delegate pack. These should be provided to the conference organizers by June 25th at the latest, or an extra charge will be levied.

Website: There is a fee of €90 for a prominent link to the exhibitor on the conference site.

Other: We also invite exhibitors to sponsor a lunch (€500), or the official dinner (€1,200). Prominent mention of the generous sponsor will be made on the website front page and in the conference brochure.


Please contact the Local Organizers by e-mail at conference@apfintl.org to reserve your place. Payment should be made by June 25, 2020.

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